Christmas Wishes

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Christmas brings families and friends together. It also brings out sentiments of friendship, loyalty, affection and generosity. This outpouring of the best in us is a reflection of the love of God the Father who through the Holy Spirit gave His Divine Son to us at the first Christmas. Christmas without Christ, without a deep religious observation, loses its meaning. We urge all our parishioners and friends to put Christ back into Christmas, to celebrate His birthday spiritually, by going to Confession and receiving Jesus in the Holy Communion; by attending and participating in the Mass in which Christ once more descends among us.

We wish you all a holy Christmas and a blessed, happy New Year 2018.

Fr. Ireneusz Pierzchala, Pastor
Fr. Tadeusz Mierzwa, Parochial Vicar
Fr. Tomasz Koszalka, Parochial Vicar